add story

Online video is becoming the normal now. So the impact of video is boosted by adding storytelling to video. It creates empathy and brings out the humanity in your work. This will inspire your audience to take action. That is why I bring storytelling to my production process.


video production

I work closely with you to take your idea and produce the video content to go with that. My focus is always to guide you so the final video content created is effective, impactful and gives you good value. 

whiteboard animation

Some topics can be difficult to explain using a camera so sometimes whiteboard animation can be used. This technique is ideal if someone wants to explain their issue but does not want to be on camera. 

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There are great tools now if you want to create your own video content. I run a popular one day training course which helps you create a video strategy and teaches you how to create video content using your mobile phone. This will give you the power to create your own online video content on a regular basis.