eHealth Filming Guide

This is a quick guide on what will happen while we are filming the testimonial video. t will take about 2 hours and there are two parts of the filming process.  

The first part involves answering these following questions on camera. I would like to film this at a location relevant to the project. 

Q1 - What is your name, title and the group you are working in?

Q2 - What are the details of the project you are working on?

Q3 - What has the help of eHealth Ireland meant to the project you are working on?

Q4 - What is the overall aim of the project and how might it benefit the area you are working in?

The second part involves capturing footage around the project. This will involve filming activity linked to the project. In this case it may involve footage of lab equipment working, people doing work in the lab or working at a computer screen.  Any suggestions are welcome. I am also keen to get some footage of people entering buildings showing signs of the building.

Please send me an email or call if you have any other questions.