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create DIY video with your mobile phone

  • Are you interested in learning how to create video content using your mobile phone?

  • Do you struggle with editing video and just prefer to shoot video?

  • Do you want to know more about what type of video content can really help you grow your online audience?

  • Then join me on Wednesday 25th October to learn how to create mobile phone video content for your business. 

Thady Kavanagh delivered a video training to half a dozen members of our Media Panel. He taught us how to shoot good footage on our smartphones and how to edit using You Tube’s free editing software. The session was helpful, interactive and hands on and we got to put into practise some of what we learned. Thady’s clear instructions and informal style made for an informative session. He took us through editing step by step and was happy to answer any questions. We would highly recommend Thady as a trainer for any organisation that wants to learn how to promote their cause through the medium of video.
— Fiona Murdoch, Communications Officer, Irish Girl Guides

Course Outline

  • Session 1: Outline what type of video content works online. Relate it to your organisation and help you figure out where you can add video.

  • Session 2: How to prepare for what you want to film on your mobile so you won't have to edit the footage 

  • Session 3: Hands on session on how to use your mobile for filming and what apps you can use

  • Session 4: How to upload and prepare your video for use online

  • Session 5: Edit a short video using the WeVideo app on your mobile phone.

  • Session 5: How to use Facebook Live to shoot video for your business

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